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Unattended Burial at Sea

For those who wish to have their loved one's ashes scattered at sea, but are unable to attend the service, we offer the Unattended Burial at Sea. For this unique Funeral at Sea, we take possesion of the remains and take them offshore to be scattered in the Gulfstream.

For this funeral type, we charge a flat rate of $99. To arrange this funeral at sea, simply call us directly at (954)214-6701 to alert us that cremated remains are being sent to us. Along with the remains, please include check or money order. If there are any special requests, make sure to go over them with Capt. Paul when calling.

Certificate of Burial at Sea is sent by mail after the funeral is complete. Make sure to include your mailing address in your correspondence with us.

Veteran's Unattended Burial at Sea

As a special thank you and as a saulte of honor to those who have served the United States Armed Services, Fishing Headquarters offers Unattended Burials at Sea to those who have served the United States Armed Forces for FREE. Proof of armed service for the deceased is required. This is only valid for Unattended Burials at Sea.

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