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Fort Lauderdale Burials at Sea

burial at seaFort Lauderdale, with it's warm Gulfstream waters just offshore, is a wonderful location to scatter your loved one's ashes at sea. Scattering ashes at sea is a beautiful way to say goodbye and the sea in it's own subtle majesty, has a way to calm our sadness and help us in these melancholy times.

We have several boats in our fleet that are available for private burial at sea charters. We have varying size vessels that can accomodate groups from 1-100 persons. On a burial at sea charter, we go out the Gulfstream waters off Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Your group will gather in the back of the boat to say your final goodbyes, prayers or whatever is your custom. You will scatter your loved one's ashes into the ocean. Our deckhand can assist if needed. Call Captain Paul for any questions you may have or to schedule a reservation. (954) 214-6701

Charter trips to the Gulfstream to Scatter Ashes at Sea

This funeral choice is a private charter for just you and your group. The boat you charter will depend on how many persons in your group. Most boats can carry a maximum of 6 persons, while we do have large boat options for groups of 7 or more persons. The Gulfstream comes closer to Fort Lauderdale, Florida than anywhere on the east coast. This makes it the best location to do a funeral at sea. A beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved one is to scatter their ashes into the sea, their dust carried along in the ocean's currents for the rest of time. For more information on our funeral at sea charters, please visit this page to choose the correct boat/trip for your group's needs. Burial at Sea Charter Trips

Unattended Burials at Sea

This choice of a funeral at sea is performed by the ship's captain, without guests or an audience aboard. The captain motors offshore to the Gulfstream, the Captain reads the Ship's Prayer, and ashes are scattered into the ocean. This is the least expensive funeral option there is. To read more regarding this inexpensive funeral option, click here: Unattended Burial at Sea